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It Turns Out That Four Words Is All You Need To End A Relationship


Most of us have been dumped, most of us have done the dumping. It's usually a long, drawn-out and painful process. Just ask these people who tried to break up with their partner in a "nice way" and realized it isn't really that nice. Or this couple who had a breakup photoshoot — to commemorate the moment forever. Well, it turns out, breaking up really doesn't have to be a long, draw-out process after all, at least according to Twitter who believe it can be done in less than five words.

The hashtag #EndARelationshipIn4Words makes the whole process brutally efficient. All you need is four words, and it's over. Yes, it's as easy as finding four words that will have you questioning your entire relationship and moving forward without ever looking back. Like, if your phones aren't compatible or they have a literal robot (this tweet is open to interpretation). But seriously, if you can't iMessage your significant other, what hope is there for a long and promising future together?