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8 Ways to Deal with the Things Men Do to Women at Work


The year is 2018, so you'd think we might have learned a thing or two about how to behave with one another. Thanks to the women who've bravely shared the things they've had to endure when working — or just being — around men, you might think men have gotten the hint and have altogether stopped harassing the females they cohabit with on this planet.

But if you're a woman reading this story, or if you pay attention to the news, you know that male entitlement is still very much alive and well, and that ugly things happen in the workplace far too often.

On the bright side — and because it is 2018 — women do have several networks and forums to turn to when they live through these negative experiences. One such woman was reddit user shanghai-sohigh, who started a very useful discussion about what to do when a guy makes you feel uncomfortable at work. 

Thanks to her thread, we managed to compile eight useful tips for dealing with customers, co-workers, and even bosses who make unwanted advances during your workday. And remember, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, don't ever blame yourself — whatever his behavior, it's not your fault.

Scroll down for some helpful advice you can use next time you find yourself in a shady situation.