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Couples Who Don't Speak the Same Native Language Share Their Funny Miscommunications

By Pippa Raga

When I was growing up, it was a wonder to me that my parents, who both have accents in English, could have enough meaningful conversations to end up as a couple. Obviously, neither of them is a native speaker of English — they learned the language as pretty much adults — and as a child, I'd giggle to myself during their normal, everyday, hows-the-weather conversations because they'd say things super incorrectly. 

My mother, for example, can never pronounce the "s" in "sip" and is always asking to steal a "zip" of my Diet Coke. My dad, on the other hand... where do I begin? I'm pretty sure he thought "boo" was the word for "poop" until just last week.

Recently, couples on reddit who date foreigners (or, in some cases, are the foreigner) shared the hilarious misunderstandings that ensue when two people who don't speak the same language end up spending a lot of time together.

1. Who's Linda?

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When one woman was first getting to know her "now-husband," he texted her "Goodnight, Linda." Which led to a bit of confusion over whether the text was intended for her... 

Thankfully, she quickly realized that her Dominican boo was just trying to romance her in Spanish, where the word "linda" means "beautiful." 

Either that, or her husband made up quite a "clever cover for that two-timer texting someone named Linda," she writes.