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Waitress Claims Happy Customers Wrote 'Don't Tip Black People' On Their Bill

Waitress Claims Happy Customers Wrote 'Don't Tip Black People' On Their Bill
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Updated 12 months ago

Working in the food service industry is tough enough without having to deal with terrible customers. You're on your feet all day. You work long hours. Your base pay stinks. It's highly stressful, and you just want to make sure that the people you're serving get an amazing meal and are happy with their experience every single time.

And I guess you have to work as a waiter or waitress to really understand that. I never got it whenever I was out with someone and they treated a staff member like trash or gave them a hard time. Whenever I waited tables, I really wanted to make sure the people I was serving enjoy their meals.

So I feel sorry for waiters and waitresses when they don't get tipped for petty reasons. And when the reasons are complete BS, like this one, I'm floored by how disgusting human beings can be.

Kelly Carter, a server at Anita's restaurant had a photo posted of the receipt she received from a couple that praised her 'great service'.

Anita’s boss, Thomas Tellez, told News4 that the receipt was legitimate and that he was "outraged."

But there was one tiny problem and by tiny, I mean downright egregious, the rest of the receipt read "don't tip black people."

The receipt was posted by the NAACP's Loudoun Chapter, and right away people were disgusted by the photo.

Disgusted because they thought it was fake and felt like the post was an attack on white people.

Even Trump supporters got in on the action.

But someone online offered a viable reason the angry people's arguments about the handwriting "not matching".

But still, people think it's a case of "race-baiting."

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