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20-Year-Old Told Off "Deadbeat Dad" Who Criticized His Son's Birthday Cake

20-Year-Old Told Off "Deadbeat Dad" Who Criticized His Son's Birthday Cake
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Updated 1 year ago

Being a "deadbeat" parent is pretty bad as it is. There's no way to spin that title into something positive. It's made even worse when the non-present parent tries to dictate how the child they've abandoned should be living their lives to those that are actually raising the kid, an irony that is clearly lost on them.

Unfortunately for one alleged "deadbeat dad," his son's sister opted to show him the error of his ways.
Aniston's mother shared the unexpected twist of a birthday cake selection her 4-year-old son made, opting for a Princess Peach themed cake over one that featured Legos.
When the boy's dad had something to say about it on Facebook, Aniston reminded him that he gave up any right to an opinion when he refused to be the boy's father.
After posting screenshots to Twitter, she earned a few fans.
Many people could relate.
Aniston's mom wanted to help right the wrongs they experienced, too.
Dad didn't like Aniston's response, and let her mother know as much. Her mother shared their text exchanged with Aniston, who shared it with the rest of us.
Sounds like a charmer.
And the mic drop.
It's the thread that keeps on giving.

Remember, it's all about keeping the kid happy and healthy, right? And of course, there are two sides to every story; here's hoping this "deadbeat dad" is actually just misunderstood.

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