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Guy Who Lost $650 On Le Pen Bet Tries To Get It Back By Pulling This Stunt

Guy Who Lost $650 On Le Pen Bet Tries To Get It Back By Pulling This Stunt
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Updated 1 year ago

Yesterday, France took to the polls for the second time after a first round of voting failed to elect a President. This time, only two candidates were on the ballot — centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Macron defeated his opponent by no small margin, winning 66.1% of the vote to her 33.9%. 

Le Pen, who promised to drastically lower refugee numbers and hold a referendum on European Union membership, was unsurprisingly popular among Donald Trump and Brexit supporters. They weren't exactly pleased to see Le Pen defeated, but one Twitter user had more reason than most. 

Twitter user Wollygogg allegedly bet £500 ($650) on Le Pen winning the election. 

And when he heard the news, the story suddenly changed. 

And yes, it gets better. One person posed as a journalist's assistant to get this joke off...

Twitter user Jonnie Marbles said that Wollygogg had been bragging about the bet all day, so they decided to screenshot it for posterity's sake.

Some people suggested that they get the police involved for fraud...

Twitter did get a laugh out of it, though. And that's easily worth the £500. 


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