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Dozens Of Police Officers Surprised This Fallen Cop's Daughter For Her Prom Photos

By Mustafa Gatollari

One of the most heartwarming things a person can do is pay their respects to someone who's busted their butt in the same line of work that they do. Professional courtesy, the inner circle, whatever you wanna call it, these people get it.

You can see it in all lines of work. Two fighters who hated each other, and after duking it out in the ring for 12 rounds, fighting their hearts out, they have nothing but love and respect for each other. It's the difference between career musicians and pop stars, between fad actors and the ones who are really all about the work.

This dynamic exists in even less glamorous lines of work, like officers of the law who are dedicated to public service. And when one of their own falls in the line of duty, they take that very seriously.