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Trans Women Tweet Their Shoes To Support Chelsea Manning's Prison Release


Chelsea Manning is famous for being a whistleblower to some questionable crimes commited by the United States government and reporting them to Wikileaks. She's been serving time in prison for the incident for 5 years. Many have said she didn't deserve it because she just shed light on injustices but others have claimed Manning got off easy. It seems to have come to an end, though.

Chelsea Manning was released yesterday after a commutation by President Obama in the final months of his presidency. Manning, who has identified as female since childhood, was sentenced in 2013 after she leaked information to Wikileaks, including details about airstrikes that led to civilian casualties. After being sentenced, Manning requested that she be allowed to go through hormone replacement therapy while imprisoned.  At time, it was considered controversial cause it forced the government to pay for portions of the care and many people lashed out at wasting tax payer money on it.

Manning took to Instagram to share her first day of freedom, which included pizza and champagne. 

So, im already enjoying my first hot, greasy pizza 😋

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