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Source: Twitter

Everyone's Losing It Over This Woman's Incredible Underwater Maternity Shoot


Maternity shoots keep getting crazier, and we love it.  There are some who go for sexy, some who go for funny, and some who go a little over the edge to get a reaction.  It is up to that person as they are the ones who can cherish those photos forever.  Sometimes though, people really take it to the extreme. This latest example will be hard to top: a woman named Keshona Miles tweeted a photo of her aunt Jasmine's maternity shoot in June, and it went viral because, well, just look at it:

Jasmine took the fervor for underwater maternity shoots, sprinkled in some Beyoncé inspo, added a gender reveal, and got her fiancé Marcus to crouch underwater with her. This is expectant mom goals.

At first the people responding to Miles's tweet didn't even realize how many layers to this image there were to peal back: