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Source: YouTube

There's A Theory That Tom Cruise Wore A Fake Butt In A Movie And It's Hilarious


Great actors can only fake so much of their performances, and if anyone ever accused Tom Cruise of faking his enthusiasm for the film's he's making, then that person would be a dag-nammed liar. Seriously, would a man who isn't utterly and totally obsessed with his movie roles do his own stunts? Especially when he's a multi-millionaire mega star like Tom Cruise?

For decades, Cruise has managed to be utterly obsessed with the movies that he makes and generate a genuine enthusiasm and almost child-like insanity for the work he does, which almost always gets him a lot of press. But right now, people aren't concerned with Cruise's dedication to his craft right now, but moreso a still from a movie that came out about 10 years ago.

Unbelievable as it may seem, one very thick booty has been escaping the internet's notice for almost ten years. Thankfully, Twitter use @iluvbutts247 finally noticed the fullness of Tom Cruise's derriere in literally five seconds of footage from his 2008 WWII thriller Valkyrie, and their theory that it is a fake: