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Source: twitter

Fan Flings Fruit At Harry Styles While He's On Stage--And That's Just Not Cool


The former One Direction star Harry Styles is arguably one of the most popular artists at the moment. His fans simply love him. His new song 'Kiwi' from his self titled debut solo album has been a big hit among them. Maybe too big even because the songs funny title has led to an abundance of 'pranks' at some of his live shows. It's gotten so bad it's actually become an issue for the recording artist.

Harry Styles was pelted with kiwis while performing his song Kiwi in London earlier this week. Fans who were at the concert managed to capture footage of Styles slipping on the fruit in the middle of his performance. At least he's got moves.

Following his performance, Styles addressed the fruit barrage.  It's crazy he actually had to make a statement on it...