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Source: netflix

David Harbour Muses About His Character's Fate In 'Stranger Things' 3, And We Don't Know How To Feel


Stranger Things might have the '80's nostalgia vibe going for it, but nostalgia and atmosphere can only take a show so far. Just ask the creators of Vinyl why it wasn't as big of a hit as it should be.

The dynamics of different characters and how they all interact with each other ultimately decide a show's success. When you've got a lot of fan-favorites packed into a single show, you know people are going to tune in time and again, and if there's one thing that the Netflix show has, in addition to slick production values and an awesome story, is an incredible cast of characters.

I love me some Stranger Things, and although it's tough for me to peg down my favorite character (it depends on the day) I have to say that I'm really, really feeling me some David Harbour, AKA Sheriff Hopper, as of late. And his recent interview with Mashable just made me love him even more.