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Source: getty

Wendy's Just Destroyed McDonald's After Their Huge Black Friday Tweet Fail

By Mustafa Gatollari

It's always a little embarrassing when huge social media accounts don't proofread their posts. It's surprisingly really common too. Many celebrities have fallen victim to to it, and unluckily for them, the internet is forever. If you tweet it, it's likely already a screenshot somewhere and will be reposted from now til the end of time. 

So for billion dollar corporations the stakes are much higher. Every notable event, or trending holiday, is a chance to promote your product. Naturally, McDonald's was all set to tweet out a Black Friday post of something really clever we're sure.

Whoever's handling their social media was on top of scheduling the tweets, however, they had a bit of a snafu when it came to posting the actual tweet itself. It's unfortunate for them but lucky for us cause we get to witness it.