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Source: Getty / Twitter

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Gave Homemade Pies To Reporters — But Not Everyone Is Pleased

By Mark Pygas

Is it just us, or is there constantly a new scandal coming out of Trump's White House? It seems like every day there's something — though the degree to which these "scandals" are actually scandalous vary greatly. And the latest scandal is definitely lighter on the scandal scale — but has people talking nonetheless. It all started back in November, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders shared a photo of the Thanksgiving pie she made on Twitter. The problem? It looked a lot like a generic stock photo of a pie...

And social media users, including CNN reporter April Ryan, were quick to call her out on it. Pie Gate was born. (We know what you're thinking — and the answer is yes, there are way more important things going on in the world, but this is just the current state of the Nation, and sooner or later you'll get numb to it.)