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Blinking White Guy From Viral Meme Goes On TV To Talk About What It Did To Him


You may not know Drew Scanlon by name, but you definitely know him by face if you've spent any time whatsoever online in 2017. Scanlon is a video and podcast producer for the website Giant Bomb, and though he was well-known in the gaming world, it was his incredulous expression that launched him into the Meme Hall of Fame. Yes, we're talking about the Blinking White Guy meme — you know, the one that has for sure shown up on your Twitter or Instagram feed countless times in recent months. 

The meme started as gif of Scanlon, which came from a video he made for Giant Bomb over four years ago, according to Mashable; during the video, he's listening to a man describe his virtual farming habits. The guy says he with his "hoe," and it looks like Scanlon's mind jumps right out of the farmyard.