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Bruno Mars And Cardi B's Video Homage To 'In Living Color' Is Everything

Bruno Mars And Cardi B's Video Homage To 'In Living Color' Is Everything
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6 months ago

Growing up, there was no funnier sketch comedy show than In Living Color.

I mean Damon Wayans' character Anton Jackson was incredible. And who could forget Homey D. Clown? 

The show also helped launch Jim Carrey into the stratosphere where who played an assortment of amazing characters, like the always hilariously creepy Fire Marshall Bill?

I could go on and on about just how great this show was and how I had to quickly change the channel whenever the fly girls were dancing because my parents thought it was scandalous and they didn't want me corrupted by the sultry, "street" women seducing me on the television.

As it turns out, however, I'm not the only person who fondly remembers the show, I can count Bruno Mars and Cardi B. as diehard pals as they repped the classic sketch program with their newest music video for "Finesse".

Mars stated himself that the program was "one of his favorite of all time."

OK, so I don't know if Cardi B. is a diehard fan but you have to admit, she could totally pull it off a few decades earlier.

Now if you're not familiar with In Living Color, then let me give you some of the show's greatest clips with a bit of historical context.

First up is Jim Carrey's amazing parody of the how-the-hell-did-this-get-popular reggae-pop track, "Informer". The song was originally performed Snow, real name Derrin Kenneth O'Brien, a Canadian reggae rapper, that's right, Canadian, who managed to make an impossible to sing-along with track that was a chart-topping hit. He was accused of cultural appropriation and donning a persona that was the perfect source material for a parody-diss track.

And Carrey delivered.

It almost became a running gag for Carrey to go off on white rappers.

He did the same thing with Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice, Baby" and it was epic.

OK, I know I'm getting repetitive with the parody song posts, but I promise, Tommy Davidson's "U Can't Touch This" spoof is the last one. If you grew up listening to cheesy '90s songs, you're gonna love these.

The actual sketches the talent managed to produce pushed the envelope of silliness. Like their take on the classic, "Who's on First" sketch.

They attempted to deal with racial issues in a comedic way as well.

But the show had some very, very politically incorrect characters and skits. Like the handicapped super hero, handi-man.

Or this "Hey Mon" skit where a hardworking Jamaican family meets its match in terms of busting their humps by a new Korean family who moved into the neighborhood.

Mike Tyson on the Love Connection with Robin Givens? I mean, come on.

If you dig deep into a YouTube hole checking out all the show had to offer, you'll see that there are lots of jokes that wouldn't really play today. Is it politically incorrect and offensive? Most definitely. Funny? You decide.

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