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These Valentine's Day Winter Olympics Memes Are Way Too Real

These Valentine's Day Winter Olympics Memes Are Way Too Real
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Updated 5 months ago

Valentine's Day is upon us, or Singles Awareness Day, depending on your point of view. This year, Valentine's Day also happens to coincide with the Winter Olympics being held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Edd Dracott, a reporter for PA, decided to merge the two events on Twitter, and explain feelings we've all felt on Valentine's Day from the perspective of the Winter Olympics. 

Slide in there. 

Too real. 

Don't respong right away, you don't want to look desperate. 

No. Single people can't eat on Valentine's Day. 

That's a terrible idea. 

It's ok, Easter is just around the corner. 

Who knew that ice-based sports could so accurately describe Valentine's Day? 

People loved the memes, obviously. 

Some even had suggestions of their own. 

Some Twitter users even had their own crossover memes. 

Some have even been setting their location to PyeongChang in the hopes of matching with Olympians on Valentine's Day. 

Enjoy yourselves, Olympians. 

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