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Source: imgur

Lt. Dan, AKA Gary Sinise, Sends 2,000 Kids of Gold Star Families to Disney World


Often, when an actor takes on a particularly challenging role — especially when it's representative of a large demographic of people — they embrace the fact that they were able to be a voice for that demographic. Gary Sinise is one of those actors.

The Emmy-winning actor is probably best known for his role as Lieutenant Dan in the Oscar-winning, feel-good classic Forrest Gump. In the film, Gary portrays a disabled veteran who comes from a long family line of men who died in combat.

One would think Gary's contributions to veterans and their families was primarily motivated by his turn at Lt. Dan, but this is only partly the case. The actor has been contributing to veterans and their families for 40 years, and even launched the Gary Sinise Foundation to assist them further.