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It's Finally Spring And These Dogs Just Can't Deal With Being In The Park Right Now

My dog hates the dog park. I've taken her there many times and as soon as she realizes that's where we are heading, she starts to pull away in the opposite direction. I don't really get it. It seems to have everything she likes. Open space to run around and things to smell.

I suppose every dog there is bigger than her by a significant margin and I wouldn't want to play where giants roam. That part makes sense to me. Even so, I wouldn't take her someplace where she'd get hurt. She knows that, right? 

Sorry, guys. My dog and I are going through a thing right now. I didn't mean to drop that on you. Forget I said anything. Just enjoy these other dogs enjoying the park. 

Nothing like a good book in the park.
While all the other dogs in the park were playing around, he read a book with his human. from aww
I'm ready.
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Look at him go!
Pug's first time at the dog park from aww
I need a break.
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Outdoor naps are the best naps.
This little pupper asleep with his old man on a park bench is what smiles are made from from aww
We're friends now.
Every time I take Titan to the park instead of bring the stick back to me he tries to use it to make Friends. from aww
Push me!
Took my Golden Retriever Puppy to the park from aww
Did we just become best friends?
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This one is kind of sad.
So I made a friend at the park, shame he's in jail. from aww
Getting dirty means they had fun.
My brothers dog before and after the dog park from aww
The park is the best place to contemplate.
Took my dogs to the park and ended up with this inspiring pic from aww
Perfect spot.
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Is it safe to come out yet?
I went to the dog park and this little girl decided that I was the safest place to be.
I like this place!
Hugo can't believe he's going to the park from aww
Okay. I'm ready to go home now.
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Who says you can't have fun in the rain?
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Nothing wrong with just relaxing.
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How majestic.
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Can we come back every weekend?
I'm thinking this look means she loves the dog park?
I could get into this.
My 14 week old German Shepherd puppy-- first trip to the park from aww
Someday I'll be in front of a carriage, too.
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He just met his hero.
A husky finds a new friend in Central Park! from aww
Well, don't just stand there. Tip the man.
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What if the other dogs don't like me?
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She can feel the sunshine.
She can't see but she knows she's at the park and she loves it! from aww
A ball and a rope? What could be better?
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