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Elon Musk Asked For Help Naming Their First Tunneling Machine And The Internet Obliged

Elon Musk is basically as close as anyone in the real world will get to Tony Stark. Tesla is working on harnessing the power of the sun, and SpaceX is making space travel more affordable than ever. But you might not know that he also has a massive tunnel boring machine that's digging a hole underneath the parking lot of SpaceX's headquarters. 

Called The Boring Company —pun intended— the goal is to help alleviate gridlock traffic in the world's busiest cities by taking it underground. 

He kept good on the above tweet, showing off his new toy only a few months later. 

But now, Musk is asking for help on naming the machine. 

This morning, he took to Twitter with a suggestion of his own. Ultimate Boring Machine, the Second.

But in true fashion, it was Twitter that came up with the great names. 

But one suggestion seemed to stand out. 

Let's make this happen.