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Tucker Carlson Praises Trump For Looking At The Eclipse Without Glasses, And People Are Over It

In the past, presidents have pulled off some pretty amazing feats in service of their country. President Franklin D. Roosevelt worked himself to death during World War II to ensure an Allied victory, while President Andrew Jackson beat a would-be assassin with his cane after their pistol failed to fire. 

And according to FOX News host Tucker Carlson, President Donald Trump is right up there with them. Why? Because he stared directly into the sky during the solar eclipse without glasses

"He looked directly at the sun without any glasses. Perhaps the most impressive thing any president has done," Carlson states. It's unclear whether the comment was made in jest or whether Carlson is actually impressed. Staring into the sun without proper protection can cause permanent eye damage. 

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had no idea how to react. 

This is real life, people.