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30 People Who Met Their Idols And Were Wearing The Perfect Shirt For The Occasion

The chances of meeting your idol are slim enough already. But the chances of meeting your idol while wearing the perfect shirt? Surprisingly, it has happened a few times...

1. Wishes come true.
2. One for 'Parks and Recreation' fans.
3. Oh myyyyyy.
4. Where have I seen that face before?
5. Perfect.
6. Look at that bust.
7. Anything is possible.
8. As luck would have it...
9. What are the chances?
10. Wrong mouse.
My friend went to Disneyland wearing the wrong shirt.
11. We all want this shirt.
Just me, LeVar Burton and my Reading Rambo Shirt
12. I wouldn't start a fight with Andrew Luck if I were you.
My friend wore a New England Patriots shirt when he met Andrew Luck, but Luck handled it.
13. Awkward.
The exact moment Gov. Mary Fallin realizes what the shirt really says. Moments after thanking the man for wearing her shirt. Found on FB.
14. That's a sore subject.
Just so happened to be wearing my Winterfell shirt and look who I ran into! ...she's so sweet! (No spoilers)
15. "Milk, I am your father."
Friend of mine ran into George Lucas in Chicago today. His shirt was too perfect.
16. They have a history.
I don't think he was amused by my shirt or when I told him my initials were W.W.
17. They're both unimpressed.
I want this t-shirt.
18. How could you, Arnie?!
Arnold with a cool shirt
19. Et tu, George?
Long before Becky, George Lucas was spotted wearing this shirt.
20. It is.
Chance encounter
21. Look behind you.
22. I'm a PC
So Justin Long was at UCF today, and I just happened to be wearing this...
23. Ryan Drummond is the voice of Sonic if you didn't know.
Voice of Sonic!
24. Oh, Bill.
Bill Murray wearing a 'George Clooney Is A Beautiful Man' shirt while watching fireworks with George Clooney.
26. Ooops.
27. Technically, they didn't meet.
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28. Poor guy.
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29. Bill gets around a lot.
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30. Ian is just trolling at this point.
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