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If you ever stayed home sick from school as a kid, there’s a very good chance that you found yourself watching The Price Is Right. The classic game show has been on nearly every weekday morning since September 4, 1972 (and its precursor — also called The Price Is Right — dates back even earlier to 1956)! Over the past several decades, thousands of contestants on The Price Is Right have bid “$1, Bob!,” spun The Big Wheel, and — if they’re lucky — won a brand-new car!

Are the games on The Price Is Right rigged?

It’s always disheartening when someone seems to be doing well on the show only to lose the game at the very end and be played off the stage by the sad tuba song. Sometimes, it really seems as though the games might be...dare we say it? Rigged! 

In reality, though, the games are not rigged on The Price Is Right. In fact, it’d be a huge problem if they were, as there are federal laws in place that legally prohibit game shows from doing anything to influence the outcome of a game. That being said, there have been a few instances where the Standards and Practices Department on the show had to rectify some human errors. 

In 2008, a prop official accidentally forgot to remove a fishing line from the Plinko board that had been set up to film a promo. A contestant won $30,000 before the mistake was discovered. They ultimately got to keep the $30,000 due to the Standards and Practices violation — we’re guessing they had no complaints there!

How much do the models make on The Price Is Right?

The models featured on The Price Is Right are definitely an essential part of the show. Not only do they make the prizes look their absolute best, but they also end up operating many of the games. Naturally, people want to know: What is the salary for the Price Is Right models? As you might expect, each model has their own individual contract, and not everyone wants to share info about what they make at work. 

Depending on their day rate and on the number of episodes filmed per day, The Price Is Right models could be making more than $100,000 per year. Not too bad, right?

Who directs The Price Is Right?

The current director of The Price Is Right is a guy named Adam Sandler — but he’s not that Adam Sandler. Adam started directing episodes back in 2012 and became the show’s full-time director in 2013. He’s also a co-executive producer.

Is Drew Carey leaving The Price Is Right?

Drew Carey took over hosting the show in 2007 after the illustrious Bob Barker retired. As time has gone on, there have been rumors that Drew may be leaving the show at some point. So far, though, Drew has not made any kind of public statement regarding his plans to leave the show. He may not hold that long, skinny mic for as long as Bob Barker did (nearly 35 years!), but so far, he’s not going anywhere.

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