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Source: Getty Images

Adam Sandler Directs 'The Price Is Right' — but He's Not *That* Adam Sandler


When you think of The Price Is Right, it's inevitable that Bob Barker comes to mind. The game show has been on since 1972, and every episode is just as good as the one before it. That said, dedicated fans are wondering about what goes into the show... and their curiosities go far beyond just the host of the series. That said, many are asking: Who directs The Price Is Right? Scroll down for everything we know!

Who directs 'The Price Is Right'?

The current director of The Price Is Right is a man named Adam Sandler. However, fans should not confuse him with the popular actor and comedian, Adam Sandler. They are not the same person!

The Price Is Right's Adam Sandler began directing episodes in 2012 and officially became a director of the show in 2013. He is also a co-executive producer of the series.