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This Homemade Version Of The 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Is A Low-Budget Delight

Wonder Woman could be one of the biggest movies of the year, and the real trailer is filled with big budget effects and Gal Gadot kicking butt.

But despite a copious reliance on special effects created by cardboard and cheap toys, CineFix's homemade, shot-for-shot version of the Wonder Woman trailer is a version of Wonder Woman that I think I'd like as a full-length feature even better than the DC blockbuster.

It might look intentionally low-budget, but it's still a pretty impressive feat, as the CineFix's team's behind-the-scenes video shows:

Despite some obvious differences, the trailers are almost an exact match.

The CineFix team has given other movie trailers the homemade treatment too, such as The Force Awakens:

And Frozen:

And Mad Max: Fury Road: 

They've even done recreations of entire movie scenes, like the iconic beginning to Raiders of the Lost Ark:

Could an entire homemade remake be next?