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Source: Warner Bros.

'Wonder Woman 1984' Reveals That Chris Pine's Character, Steve Trevor, Is Still Alive


The first Wonder Woman film was accused of ripping one too many pages out of Captain America: The First Avenger's book. But the trailer for Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins' follow-up film, 1984, distinctly feels like it's own film. OK, so maybe it takes a little influence from Thor: Ragnarok, but the sequel is essentially an '80s superhero movie and the preview left audiences with a big question: how is Chris Pine in it?

It's a pretty big reveal, as Steve Trevor is the love of Diana's life and the two made a darn good team in the first flick, which is why his death was such a heart-wrenching moment for the Amazonian warrior and audiences.

Chris Pine's involvement in the sequel wasn't kept a secret for very long, so when his name began popping up in the cast list, many just assumed he would be attached to the project for a series of flashback scenes.