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'Wonder Woman 1984' Reveals That Chris Pine's Character, Steve Trevor, Is Still Alive



The first Wonder Woman film was accused of ripping one too many pages out of Captain America: The First Avenger's book. But the trailer for Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins' follow-up film, 1984, distinctly feels like it's own film. OK, so maybe it takes a little influence from Thor: Ragnarok, but the sequel is essentially an '80s superhero movie and the preview left audiences with a big question: how is Chris Pine in it?

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It's a pretty big reveal, as Steve Trevor is the love of Diana's life and the two made a darn good team in the first flick, which is why his death was such a heart-wrenching moment for the Amazonian warrior and audiences.

Chris Pine's involvement in the sequel wasn't kept a secret for very long, so when his name began popping up in the cast list, many just assumed he would be attached to the project for a series of flashback scenes.

But that couldn't have been further from the truth, as his return appears to be a major plot point for the '80s superhero-action glam fest.

So, how is Steve Trevor still alive?

If you haven't watched the first Wonder Woman film and are oblivious to how and when Steve met his untimely end, then let me explain just why his revival is such a big deal.

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Firstly, Diana and Steve partnered up in 1918 to crush some bad guys during World War I and halt some evil plans of world domination yadda yadda yadda. Steve, ever the hero, ended up detonating a plane that was filled with explosives while it was in mid-flight, effectively ending a massive threat and his own life.

So his resurgence is strange for two reasons: firstly, because the man should totally be dead.

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Secondly, because even if he did manage to survive the blast, then why does he look relatively unchanged? Seriously, the guy looks great and if Wonder Woman 1984 ends up being a total stinkfest, at least we can leave the theaters comfortably knowing that Chris Pine would've done very well for himself in the '80s. The man looks ravishing in a fanny pack for Pete's sake.

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While there are tons of theories circulating the internet as to how Steve could be alive, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it has everything do with the film's primary antagonist, Maxwell Lord. 

In the trailer, he looks every bit the part of a Jordan Belfort-esque "dream-maker" inspirational guru. Actor Pedro Pascal pulls off his best Rutger-Hauer-as-a-nice-guy performance and crushes it.

Maxwell, in the trailer, promises everybody the opportunity to live out their dreams, but it's evident that he has his own agenda. Does he have something to do with bringing Steve Trevor back? Cloning is something that's occurred in the DC Universe on more than one occasion, and maybe Maxwell has developed a type of technology that can bring people what they want most in the world.

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But how does he do it? Is it through the power of illusion? Is it all smoke and mirrors? Or is he able to alter a person's physical characteristics, and somehow have it reflect on the user? I'm thinking that it has something to do with that digital watch Steve presses into Diana's hand in the trailer and the one he's rocking on all the posters. Or, it could also have something to do with Cheetah's character, aka Barbara Minerva, who is played by Kristen Wiig.

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Barbara's character in DC comic canon seems a bit different from the villain we're presented with in the 1984 trailer. Appearing to be more of an aloof and awkward nerd with an adorable crush on Diana than an arrogant and entitled heiress, I wouldn't be surprised if the script writers made her a scientist of some sort working for Maxwell, who, gets turned into the Cheetah after partaking in his "dream" making experiments.

Source: Warner Bros.

Of course, all of this is conjecture at the end of the day, but the movie's trailer promises a dope soundtrack, Diana's Golden Eagle suit of armor, and of course, all of the wonderful largesse and tackiness of the '80s. 

Wonder Woman 1984 drops on June 5th, 2020. Will you be checking it out?

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