Here's Why Shane Dawson Fans Are Boycotting His Upcoming Jake Paul YouTube Series

Anna Quintana - Author

Feb. 8 2021, Updated 10:51 p.m. ET

why people hate jake paul
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This week, popular YouTuber Shane Dawson announced the subject of his latest documentary series — and it was none other than the controversial Jake Paul

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It wasn't long after the announcement that Shane's fans began sharing their plans to boycott the YouTube video centered around the equally divisive Logan Paul's younger brother. "Ew I hate the fact that Shane Dawson is giving Jake Paul publicity," one follower tweeted. Another added, "Not to be a fake fan but I literally will stop watching Shane Dawson if he’s gonna try to sit here and make me feel bad for Jake Paul. That man deserves absolutely no sympathy for what he’s done." 

So, why do people hate Jake Paul so much? 

Where do we start? 

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why do people hate jake paul
Source: Getty Images

The 21-year-old got his start on Vine with his older brother — and his viral fame soon landed him the role of Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel series, Bizaardvark in 2016. Soon after he bought his now infamous Team 10 House, which is at the center of many of the controversies surrounding the internet star. 

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He soon invited fellow YouTubers, including his maybe-girlfriend Alissa Violet and Neels Visser, to live in the $17K/month mansion — but one year later there was already trouble in YouTube paradise. Jake kicked Alissa out of the house and accused her of cheating. Oh, and he dropped a pretty mean diss track, too. 

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However, Alissa denied the allegations and exposed Jake on social media. She even made a video breaking down all the crazy rules she was forced to follow in the Team 10 House. Along with not being allowed to drink, Jake reportedly forced his "roommates" to be up by 10 a.m. making videos (or face a hefty fine) and they had to give Jake 20 percent of their revenue. 

He sounds like a great guy. 

His neighbors hate him. 

Alissa is not the only person who had a vendetta against Jake. That same year, his neighbors considered filing a class action lawsuit against the YouTube star and his friends for the crazy stunts they pulled in their neighborhood. One time, Jake set fire to furniture in an empty pool and another time he shared his home address with fans, prompting many to line up outside for hours. 

"Aw I feel bad for them... For sure. But, there is nothing [I] can do though because Jake Paul is the strongest army out there," he told reporters when asked about his neighbors' complaints — before jumping on the news van to dab. Again, he is literally the worst. 

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Disney also hates him. 

Soon after, he announced he was leaving his popular Disney Channel series — and fans were confused AF. "We’ve mutually agreed that Jake Paul will leave his role on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark," a Disney spokesperson said at the time. "On behalf of the production company, the cast, and crew, we thank Jake for his good work on the TV series for the past 18 months and extend our best wishes to him."

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And it only gets worse from there. In a video posted in August 2017, Jake made a xenophobic comment to a Kazakhstani fan who asked for a picture. "Where are you from?" Jake asked, before adding, "It sounds like you're just going to blow someone up. You're like 'Send the nuke!'" Oh, he also dropped the N-word in a freestyle rap video that surfaced earlier this year. 

And his classmates hate him, too. 

In another diss track titled, "That Ain't in the News" — where he blamed the media for his negative image (because, of course) — he claimed he was a good guy and helped kids who were being bullied at his school. It wasn't long before his former classmates were calling out Jake for the fake news. Sigh.  

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When Jake was awarded the Choice YouTuber award at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, he apologized for his behavior and vowed to change. "The past few months have humbled me quite a bit, and I have to be more mindful of my actions and words and how they impact others," he said. "It's been a crazy journey, and I just want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I'm gonna forget all the negative press and focus on being the best version of myself." 

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But, that was short-lived because hey, controversy pays. According to Metro UK, Jake is worth an estimated $7.5 million, so we don't think he's going to change his ways anytime soon.

At least he didn't film a dead body in Japan's Aokigahara for clickbait like his brother Logan, right? 

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