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Danny Devito Is the Internet's Darling and These Superfans Prove It



Danny Devito is one of those actors who is never bad in anything. Playing an institutionalized person in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Nailed it. How about a grimy used car salesman in Matilda? Perfect. The insane Frank Reynolds in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Role of a lifetime.

The man's a living legend because of his enthusiasm and inimitable brand of acting. Which might be why the internet's obsessed with him, I think? But then I remember that my brother-in-law kept a life-sized cardboard cutout of the actor in his home for years, and he's not particularly a a self-proclaimed cinephile or anything like that.

Whatever the reason for everyone's obsession with Devito, who's been a high-profile actor for decades, there's one thing we can be certain of: that some people take their love and devotion to the Throw Mama From the Train star a little too far. There's photoshops of him, and countless puns about his name, like Danny Dorito and Vanny Devito. Not to mention this weird hippo photoshop someone Reddit came up with:

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Then there was this anonymous fan who created a Danny Devito shrine in a college bathroom.

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I mean just look at this thing. This is the kind of set up you'd see at the end of the thriller about a crazy ex who is obsessed with the film's protagonist, and the depths of their manic mind is finally revealed late in the film when something just like this is uncovered.

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Evan was just minding his own business at the State University of New York, doing what college kids do, until he stopped into a bathroom and noticed, behind the paper towel dispenser, a shrine dedicated to the Twins actor.

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Just take a gander at these photos and try not thinking, "Yikes" to yourself. Is it funny? Yes, but in a twisted, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia kind of way. So much so that you would think it's almost a still from the show where Frank has to deal with a stalker, but it's not.

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Here's the thing though, the shrine gets even weirder: people are offering tributes to the actor. Candy wrappers. Beer bottles. A whoopee cushion. A pocket bible. This random assortment of items has the internet bewildered.

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It, of course, spawned some pretty amazing and on-brand memes for such a scary/funny find. Along with groups of students at the same school who've decided to check this little shrine out in person and share their experience with the rest of Twitter.

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And as it turns out, that same Devito cloth, yes, it's not a paper print-out, but an actual tapestry featuring the visage of the Get Shorty actor, is available for purchase on Amazon. Which is definitely less creepy than someone who custom-made that. But also questionable because they invested money into properly creating this shrine.

Some are lamenting that the shrine was exposed, however, because that "hidden spot" in the bathroom is the perfect environment to sneak away and get in some much needed between-class relief. Thanks a lot for narc-ing, bro.

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This isn't the first case of Devito-branded craziness to be found on the internet. Who could forget the amazing exchange between Danny and a high school fan who decided to take a cardboard cut out of him to a milestone event in her life?

That's right, her prom date was a cardboard Devito.

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Her stunt and the subsequent photos earned her an Instagram post from fellow Sunny star Rob McElehenney (who's super ripped now), who not only gave her props, but had a photo of their own to show her.

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Yep, you read his Instagram message right, Devito actually got a cardboard cutout of Allison printed out and he posed next to it to show that super fandom can sometimes be a two-way street. The best part? He posed for the photo at Paddy's Pub.

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If you're an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan, it doesn't get much better than that. Except maybe getting a guest starring role on the show, or hanging out with Rob at a Pride parade and having a flex off.

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Danny Devito fans are also still rallying for the actor to voice Pikachu in the Detective Pikachu film. Ryan Reynolds gives the thunder mouse some character in the flick, but that hasn't stopped others from continuing to imagine what it would've been like with Danny behind the mic.

I love me some Ryan Reynolds, I mean everybody does. But a hard-boiled detective's voice has got Danny Devito written all over it. Not that I'd watch a Pokemon movie anyway, that's stuff is for nerds and it promotes animal fighting. I mean, Michael Vick does it and goes to jail, but kids sitting around, enslaving cute and cuddly critters and forcing them to electrocute and drown one another is acceptable? Double standards, man.

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