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Source: ABC/Instagram

'Bachelor' Contestant Bri Might Not Be Australian, But She Is Our Favorite

By Pippa Raga

I've never tuned into The Bachelor before (don't @ me), but I will be sure to watch Colton Underwood's season  if just because I've found my new reality obsession in one sassy blonde contestant named Bri. 

In a promotional video teasing the upcoming season, viewers were introduced to a gorgeous contestant who stood out for all the right reasons. Namely, because she put on a fake Australian accent to rise above the rest of the Bachelor crowd.

In a stunningly red off-the-shoulder gown, Bri, 24, goes in to hug Colton who declares, "You've got a nice accent." When he follows up by asking Bri where she's from, the beauty points to her mouth and confidently asserts that "The accent is Australian." So technically she's not lying, lawyers and semanticists will be quick to point out. "I was hoping you're kind of a sucker for accents," she continues.

Source: ABC