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Twitter Comedian Uses Our Favorite Stock Photo Couple To Meme Christmas—And It's Pretty Accurate

By Zachary Brenner

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who live all year for Christmas and those who can't wait for it to be over. I'm of the latter camp, but my best friend would honestly leave her Christmas tree up year-round if it was socially acceptable. She is definitely the distracted boyfriend in this particular meme. If I were to apply this meme to me and my attitude about the yuletide season, the distracted boyfriend would be "the entire world, apparently" looking at Christmas's butt while poor Thanksgiving looks on like "Hi, excuse me? Remember me?" Because Thanksgiving is my favorite and it just gets no love. While it has a problematic history for sure and I don't want any pilgrim hats or headdresses anywhere near me on Thanksgiving, it's all about gathering with loved ones to enjoy delicious food and talk about gratitude. Way way better than opening gifts from your grandma and dealing with having 45 different holiday engagements to attend, plus there's the commercialism. But I realize I'm alone in this. So the following memes may not make me chuckle but for those of you who really love Christmas and are sad the season is nearing an end, you'll love these photoshops.

Y'all remember the distracted boyfriend meme, right? This meme to be exact. 


Well, now the meme is back with a festive Christmas flavor. Twitter user @EddDracott has been making Christmas-themed distracted boyfriend memes and they are the real reason for the season. They cover topics like New Year's Day, gifts, and anything else that might have to do with the holidays.