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Source: NBC

Lip Readers Share the Most Awkward Convos They’ve Ever Overseen and It’s Straight Out of ‘Seinfeld’

By Pippa Raga

My favorite Seinfeld episode by far is the one where Marlee Matlin is dating Jerry, and George enlists the famously deaf actress in lip-reading for him to find out the real reason why his girlfriend dumped him. Things quickly go south when Marlee misreads "sweeping together" as "sleeping together," which leads to hilarious moments of miscommunication.

Watching this episode, and rewatching it through the years, I've often been curious about misinterpretations that occur outside of spoken language. Lip readers have it super hard, as tons of sounds look the same, which I know thanks to my undergraduate degree in linguistics.

So what happens when lip reading goes horribly awry? Ten people shared awkward conversations they've overheardread, and it's like the modern-day, reality version of that incredible episode of Seinfeld.

1. Santa, baby.

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One person shared the unfortunate story of learning the truth about Santa. When his brother, who's deaf, learned "the sad, sad truth," he ran to spread the news to his sibling.

"That's how I found out Santa wasn't real," he writes, dejected.

In another problematic Christmas snafu, one grandmother saw this person's "brother's ex" mouth "I don't love you anymore" at their family's holiday dinner. Yikes, what a present.