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Source: Getty

The ACE Family's Austin and Catherine Finally Admit They Got Married... in 2017


While some know Austin McBroom, Catherine Paiz, and their daughters Elle and Alaïa from the ACE Family YouTube channel — which has millions of subscribers — many were first introduced to the family following an "exposed" video that beauty vlogger Cole Carrigan posted in October of 2019 that alleged Austin was a cheater. 

However you came to learn about this powerhouse YouTube family, there is no denying that every move that the ACE Family makes is followed closely by their big fanbase. 

Are Catherine and Austin from the ACE Family married? The two have called each other "husband" and "wife" on social media before, but they never shared wedding news. Because they chronicled their engagement, and first two pregnancies in videos, fans weren't convinced that the two would have tied the knot without making it a spectacle online. 

But, in their latest video, the couple finally revealed their marital status, and why things seemed so confusing for fans.