Everything You Need to Know About the Toy Day Event in 'ACNH'

Sara Belcher - Author

Dec. 23 2020, Published 6:05 p.m. ET

If you haven't yet tired of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this wholesome game is offering a way for players to celebrate the holiday season in-game.

The title has been particularly influential during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as friends gather and celebrate milestones on their islands. With travel restrictions continuing through the end of the year, Toy Day is a way to still celebrate, even if you can't go home.

We've got a gift guide and everything you need to know about the event.

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'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' gift guide details:

One of the crucial parts of quickly building a friendship with your villagers is giving them gifts. While you can give them just about anything in your inventory, there are certain villagers who react better to certain items, increasing your friendship with them quicker.

During the Toy Day event, villagers will also provide hints as to what kind of gift they're hoping to receive for the holiday, which will also likely increase your friendship with that villager faster.

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If you look at the Fandom Wiki for Animal Crossing, you'll notice that each villager has a different style to classify their wardrobe and home decorations. These classifications can help you pick out specific gifts to give the villagers on your island, which will increase your friendship with them easier.

That being said, for the Toy Day event, you don't have to follow any sort of guide at all! So long as you give all of your villagers a gift, you'll retrieve all of the Toy Day items and DIYs.

Your guide to Toy Day in 'ACNH':

Toy Day takes place on Dec. 24, whether you're in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. You'll know it's Toy Day when Isabelle opens the morning announcements wearing a Santa hat.

To start the Toy Day festivities, you'll want to visit Jingle, who will be standing outside of Resident Services. The reindeer will then ask you if you can help him and give you the recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper. You'll have to craft three, each of which requires one red, yellow, and blue ornament. 

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Once you craft three of the Festive Wrapping Paper, you'll then receive the Magic Sack (which will be used to deliver presents) and Toy Day Stockings (which you can hang up in your home).

With the Magic Sack equipped (and ideally while wearing one of the Santa Claus outfits), you can go around and deliver gifts to all of the villagers on your island. You'll be rewarded with the Gift Pile DIY after delivering to half of your villagers and the Toy Day Sleigh after delivering to everyone. 

While you can stop delivering presents once your magic sack is empty, if you want to receive Toy Day gifts from villagers, you'll have to go around a second time and gift them new gifts personally. These can either be any of the Toy Day special items that have been available in Nook's Cranny throughout the month, or any other item you wish to gift them.

Make sure to hang the Toy Day Stockings in your home, because you'll find a special photo of Jingle in them on Dec. 25!

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