Adin Ross Was Banned From Twitch (Yet Again) — Here's What Went Down

Sara Belcher - Author

May 31 2022, Updated 2:03 p.m. ET

With more than 5.8 million followers on Twitch, streamer Adin Ross, known for streaming games like GTA and NBA 2K22, was one of the platform's top 20 creators.

That is, until he was banned.

On April 20, 2022, the popular streamer received word from the Amazon-owned platform that his account has been banned. While the email notifying Adin states the reasoning, he claims he is uncertain what exactly he did that caused his account to be suspended for an indefinite period of time.

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Why was Adin Ross banned from Twitch?

In a since-deleted Tweet, Adin shared a screenshot of an email from Twitch noting that his account had been banned "indefinitely." The email outlined that he was being banned for his use of "hateful slurs or symbols" during a stream or VOD.

"I got banned on Twitch, indefinitely," the tweet reads. "I am not sure what I said, though. I'm not sure what I did. It occurred on stream or VOD. I don't know, man."

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Some fans have theorized that the ban was likely due to a homophobic slur that he allegedly used on a Your Rage's stream, though like with most permanent bans on Twitch, the platform did not confirm it. And some are saying it wasn't Adin who made the slur, but rather a different friend of Your Rage's.

Adin has since taken down his original tweet revealing the ban and has not made any further comment on the matter at this time, though plenty of his followers have theories as to what he did that resulted in the removal of his account.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not common for Twitch streamers to be banned indefinitely from the platform, and there are only a handful of big names who have found their platforms removed from the site completely.

While Adin may have claimed online that he's not sure what led to the streaming platform's decision to ban him, his fans aren't that surprised.

"As much as I love Adin Ross, I can't say I'm surprised," one fan tweeted. "His streams were mad risky."

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This isn't the first time Adin Ross has been banned from Twitch.

While being banned from your most popular platform would shake up most influencers, this is the fifth time that Adin has been banned from Twitch specifically.

The last time Adin received a ban from the streaming platform was less than a year ago in July 2021, when he went live while driving. His choice to check his phone to interact with the Twitch chat while driving is likely what caused that ban, as the platform has a rule about streaming violations of the law.

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He also found himself banned from the platform three times before this — once for nudity (with the explicit content being in the game he was streaming) in May 2021; another time for homophobic remarks in April 2021; as well as for an unknown reason in June 2020.

In all of the instances prior to this latest one, Adin's account has been reinstated. It's currently unclear whether the streaming platform will honor another appeal made by the creator or if he will have to find a new platform to stream on. Adin has also not commented on whether or not he will be appealing this ban.

Source: Twitter/@AdinUpdates
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Adin alludes to the reason why he was banned.

In another series of deleted tweets posted on May 31, 2022, Adin broke his long-standing social media silence. In a lengthy thread, he states that he misses his fans and that "it's [almost] time for me to break the internet again." He also teased an announcement to come at an unspecified later date.

Another tweet directly addresses the reason why he was banned from Twitch. One deleted post reads, "I can't stream. Here's a hint why," and includes a grainy picture of a document.

Amidst the thread, Adin also gave fans a mental health update. He tweets: "I've been down bad depressed for weeks on weeks ... haven't had this low of mental health ever in my life." His thread doesn't offer an explicit explanation for his being banned, but he assured fans that he wants nothing more than to return to his regular streaming.

Distractify has reached out to Adin for comment.

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