Doorbell Eerily Starts Ringing at 3 am in Secluded Airbnb, but No One Is There

One family was spooked when the doorbell unexpectedly rang during the night at their Airbnb. But upon searching the property, no one was there.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Aug. 28 2023, Published 10:36 a.m. ET

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Source: TikTok / @filiservus

Not every Airbnb stay is a picture-perfect vacation that you'll want to write home about.

In fact, more and more guests have been finding hidden cameras in their rental.

And as if that wasn't creepy enough, others have had more hair-raising experiences, like when this woman received a sudden message from Airbnb telling her and her partner to flee the rental. Or when this group found a hidden door and staircase in their rental which was not disclosed in the listing.

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But this family's experience, which involved being woken up in the middle of the night, seems like it came straight out of a horror movie. Keep reading to learn about their chilling stay in a North Carolina Airbnb.

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One family vacationing in Asheville, N.C., woke up to their Airbnb's doorbell ringing at 3 a.m.

Creator @filiseverus, who notes that she is a ghost hunter in her TikTok bio, shared a video from the Airbnb that she was staying in with her family.

“My family was in an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina and our doorbell started ringing at 3 a.m.," she wrote in the video's text.

In the background of the video, a doorbell is heard eerily chiming as @filiservus is filming from the second floor, understandably scared to go downstairs.

“It’s a 100-year-old house and the nearest neighbor is miles away," she wrote, adding “My grandpa searched the property but didn’t see anyone or any cars."

In the comment section, users were also alarmed.

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"Why would the owners choose the creepiest doorbell sound possible for a house in the middle of nowhere," wrote one person.

"The bell, the door creaking... I know a haunted house when I see it," penned another.

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Source: tiktok

Meanwhile, others started referencing the 2008 horror movie The Strangers where a young couple that was staying in an isolated vacation home was terrorized by three unknown assailants.

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In another comment, one user wrote: "No way this is real, if it is can you give an update?" And @filiservus did just that in a follow-up video, where she confirmed, “This is real. This actually happened."

She also noted that the rental was in Asheville, N.C. and the nearest neighbor was approximately five miles away. The house was completely secluded.

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She further explained that “the doorbell was jammed in like somebody had pressed it really hard so it would stick."

She claimed her uncle unjammed it to get it to stop ringing, but it was still unclear who or what rang it in the first place.

Throughout the rest of her family's stay, there weren't any other doorbell incidents. However, she did note that she heard something peculiar the last night she was there.

“The last night I did hear a weird sound outside in the middle of the night, like something scraping or gravel. But there’s no gravel outside so, I don’t know," she said.

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Source: tiktok

In the comment section of this video, users claimed that Asheville was haunted.

"I live in the Asheville area, please don’t ever open your doors at night time, especially at 3 a.m. These woods are built different," wrote one person.

A second said: "Asheville is extremely haunted, especially the forest area near the Biltmore mansion... but that's another story."

And a third wrote, "These comments are telling me [to] never visit Asheville."

Honestly, same.

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