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Source: Netflix

Who Plays Joe's Ex Candace in Season 2 of 'You'? — Meet Ambyr Childers


Uh, oh! If you've binge-watched Season 2 of You, then you already know that a major character from Joe Goldberg's (Penn Badgley) past will be popping up in L.A. 

Joe's ex Candace (Ambyr Childers) was first introduced to fans in Season 1, and Beck (and fans) assumed that the crazed "love-sick" killer had axed his former girlfriend after he smashed her head against a tree trunk and then proceeded to bury her alive. 

While it's still a bit unclear how Candace survived such a brutal attack, she returns to face Joe, telling him: "I want you to know I wanted to stay gone." However, Beck's story is the reason why she decided to come back and exact her revenge against her former love. So, with one mission in mind, Candace follows Joe to L.A. in hopes of exposing his dark secrets. 

So, who is the actress who plays Candace in the popular Netflix series? Here's what to know about You Season 2 star Ambyr.