Viewers Spot "Ghost" of a Little Girl in Netflix's 'American Murder' Documentary

Viewers claim to have spotted the "ghost" of a little girl in the Netflix documentary 'American Murder: The Family Next Door.' What to know.

Gabrielle Bernardini - Author

Oct. 15 2020, Updated 1:00 p.m. ET

ghost netflix american murder
Source: Netflix

Audiences have been captivated (and disturbed) by the hit Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door, which details the events leading up to Chris Watts murdering his wife and two children. 

In August 2018, the Colorado man killed his wife Shannan (who was 15 weeks pregnant) and their two daughters, Belle, 3, and Celeste, 4. 

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The documentary showed the police body-cam footage of Chris initially reporting his wife and daughters missing after friends became concerned with their whereabouts. 

After failing a polygraph test, the oil worker eventually admitted to the police that he killed and disposed of their bodies at his work site.  

ghost netflix american murder
Source: Netflix
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While many are shocked and horrified that the seemingly "normal" family man could murder his wife and kids, some viewers were also surprised by another discovery. 

In recent social media videos, audiences have pointed out that the police body-cam footage supposedly shows the "ghost" of a little girl. Keep reading to find out more.

Viewers claim to have seen a "ghost" in Netflix's 'American Murder.'

Shannan's friend Nickole Atkinson dropped the mother-of-two off at her home in the early morning in August 2018. When she did not hear from her the next day, she soon became worried. 

After Nickole phoned the local police, she waited for Shannan's husband Chris to come home from work and let the officers investigate the family's home. 

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One TikTok user created a video showing viewers the supposed paranormal events that were captured on the officer's body-cam. In the clip, a light turns off in one of the bedrooms. Then, the user pointed out that there is a little girl playing in the background. 

After social media users started pointing out the alleged signs of a "ghost," viewers weighed in on the matter.

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The "ghost" in 'American Murder' explained:

"So is no one going to talk abt the little girl's ghost in the movie American Murder: The Family Next Door, on Netflix?!" one person tweeted. Another wrote, "Who's seen American Murder? More importantly, did you see the "ghost" girls in the kids' room? #ghosts #AmericanMurder." 

One user added, "How did they not notice the ghosts of his kids in the back room from that body cam footage Loudly crying face #AmericanMurder."

ghost netflix american murder
Source: Netflix
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While some viewers thought they had seen a ghost, others disputed the claims that there was a paranormal entity present. Instead, it was pointed out by some that the little girl in the background of the body cam footage was Nickole's daughter.

"Ok I’m tired of seeing people say they saw the little girl's ghost in American Murder: The Family Next Door if y’all don’t stop reaching. The friend brought her daughters to their house when she went to check on Shanann too," this person tweeted.

Another wrote, "And to those sharing Tik Toks and talking about one scene in #AmericanMurderTheFamilyNextDoor where you can see a little kid in the background while Chris talks to the police: IT IS NOT A GHOST! That’s Nicole Atkinson’s kid, who was there with her! Face with rolling eyes #AmericanMurder."

We like the ghost theory better... 

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