Amy Schneider's Historic Run on 'Jeopardy!' Has Finally Ended — What Questions Stumped Her?

Bianca Piazza - Author

Jan. 27 2022, Published 9:12 p.m. ET

Amy Schneider
Source: ABC

A queen's rule can only last so long. The queen in question is Amy Schneider, who made history for being the first openly transgender contestant to qualify for Jeopardy!'s annual Tournament of Champions, as well as the highest-earning woman in the history of Jeopardy! Unbelievably, the 40-time champion's stint on the long-running ABC game show lasted from Nov. 17, 2021, to Jan. 26, 2022, making her Jeopardy!'s second-longest winner. She's right behind Ken Jennings' 74-game streak, and right in front of Matt Amodio's 38-game streak.

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With a vibrant personality, sophistication, and a genius mind, Amy became a bonafide celebrity for all the right reasons. She's the face of change, the face of diversity, but the Oakland, Calif., engineering manager doesn't solely want to be recognized for her identity.

“Being trans is an important, huge foundational part of my identity and also, not. I’m not going on Jeopardy! to be trans on Jeopardy! I’m going on Jeopardy! to try to win some money," she told the The Daily Beast.

And win money she did. After earning over a whopping $1.3 million, Amy was on her way. Prior to Jan. 26, it seemed as though nothing could stop Amy's outstanding reign, but she's only human. Here are some clues that stumped her.

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Amy Schneider
Source: ABC

What 'Jeopardy!' questions left Amy Schneider scratching her noggin?

Though she's practically a human encyclopedia, over the course of Amy's lengthy run there were several clues she missed — we'd be frightened if she knew literally everything.

Of the several misses, on Nov. 17, 2021, Amy chose to answer in the category BEVERAGE RHYMES.

Her clue was: "Cessation of hostilities between fruit liquids."

Hilariously, per USA Today, Amy answered: "What – no."

The answer was: "What is a juice truce?"

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On Nov. 23, 2021, Amy answered in the category BOOK TITLE MATH.

Her clue was: "1956's Dalmatians minus 2003's People You Meet in Heaven."

Because quick mental math isn't easy, she answered: "What is 94?"

The answer was: "What is 96?" The books in question are 101 Dalmatians and Five People You Meet in Heaven.

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During her final game on Jan. 26, 2022, Amy answered in the category CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP HEROES.

Her clue was: "In the first ever conference championship in 1971, Baltimore downed Oakland, putting the game away with a 68-yard fourth quarter touchdown strike to Ray Perkins from this legendary quarterback."

Clearly unsure, Amy answered: "Who is Namath?"

The answer was: "Who is Johnny Unitas?"

While none of those clues were easy by any means, us entertainment junkies can't help but chuckle over the fact that not one Jeopardy! contestant knew who Machine Gun Kelly is!

On Dec. 27, 2021, in the category “MUSICAL 3-INITALers," the clue was: "The stage name of this rapper and actor gets shortened to MGK." The funniest part is that these geniuses were even given a photo. Amy and her competitors hilariously remained silent. We swear you could hear crickets chirping.

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"Rhone and I were both looking for that last Daily Double. And he, quite rightly, obviously made the decision to bet it all," Amy told USA Today of her final game. "Once he did that, I knew it was going to come down to 'Final Jeopardy!' I had been struggling a little bit with 'Final Jeopardy!' recently, and so I knew I was in trouble."

In this case, "trouble," is a funny word, because she walked off the show with an incredible legacy and a boatload of money. Amy's truly killing it.

New episodes of Jeopardy! premiere every weekday at 7 p.m. EST on ABC.

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