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'Animal Crossing' Fans Are Recreating Their Favorite Albums With K.K. Slider



Just call Animal Crossing fans some of the most talented in the world. You can't scroll through a social media feed these days without stumbling onto an Animal Crossing meme, and for good reason: they're entertaining. The latest series of memes to be flooding the internet revolves around one of fans' favorite characters from the series: Totakeke Slider, otherwise known as K.K. Slider, the canine troubadour. People are recreating album covers featuring K.K. Slider front and center. 

Source: Nintendo

K.K. Slider from 'Animal Crossing' is invading iconic album covers throughout social media.

K.K. Slider is the resident musician in the world of Animal Crossing, and fans are immortalizing him and his musical prowess on a series of album covers. Whether it's just adding his cute little face to where a human's would be or changing poses and helping the diminutive dog look as though he was always part of covers like Prince's Purple Rain or Taylor Swift's Reputation, fans are showing just how ridiculously good they are at doing things like this. 

There's a huge amount of album covers floating around online, featuring artists like Nirvana, Gorillaz, Taylor Swift, and more. It's a great way for fans to show how much they love their favorite artists as well as the little dog performing in their Animal Crossing island every once in a while.

Check out some of the very best album creations with K.K. Slider in the list of posts below. You never know what artist you're going to see a K.K. tribute to next. Which ones are your favorites? Be sure to let the artists on Twitter know if you've been totally digging their edits – we'd love to see even more flowing in. 

Did you know K.K. Slider was actually the Thin White Duke?

Marina and the Diamonds fans had a very colorful tribute from K.K. as well. 

Even Tyler the Creator got a little love. 

Everyone remembers this classic emo album.

This artist went deep with their love for Orville Peck here. 

Gorillaz got a shout-out to their second album as well. 

Before Lady Gaga was Mother Monster, apparently she was a dog. 

Three cheers for emo music and for K.K. Slider making an appearance on one of the most memorable albums of the time. 

Lana Del Rey has nothing on K.K. Slider with the Born To Die album cover. 

There certainly have been a wide variety of different K.K. Slider albums shared online, and the fun thing about this meme is that you can fit the adorable dog into just about any image you prefer. That's given artists a lot of leeway to cover pop, rap, funk, country, K-pop, and everything in between. It's also shown off how awesome the Animal Crossing community really is, with all the different portraits and paintings and sketches posted online. 

Like most memes, the fad will probably die out in a few days, but don't let these awesome album covers stop coming! There are so many collections of tracks that K.K. still needs to make an appearance on. Chromatica by Lady Gaga, anyone? We haven't heard the songs on it just yet, but you just know good ol' K.K. would totally slay his version of the album since that's what he does to everything else. 

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