Does Anna Johnston Have a Boyfriend? '7 Little Johnstons' Star Poses With Mystery Man

Who is Anna Johnston's boyfriend? The '7 Little Johnstons' star previously discussed a guy named Kyle with her parents, and they weren't impressed.

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May 2 2023, Updated 2:55 p.m. ET

Anna Johnston smiling on '7 Little Johnstons'
Source: TLC

Through the seasons, Amber and Trent's older children have dated, and 7 Little Johnstons viewers have had the chance to meet their significant others. Elizabeth and her boyfriend Brice have been together for a couple of years now, and they've since moved in together. And Jonah and his girlfriend Ashley are navigating a long-distance relationship.

Meanwhile, Anna Johnson hasn't ever had a boyfriend mentioned on the TLC series — until recently, that is. Keep reading to learn more.

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Does Anna Johnston have a boyfriend?

As of writing, Anna has not publicly confirmed having a boyfriend. Unless she says otherwise, Anna appears to be single.

However, in July 2022, Anna shared a photo of herself posing with a mystery man. "THANK YOU for making it the best week," she captioned the Instagram post, alongside a smiley face. Naturally, this sparked speculation that she may have a significant other.

Anna Johnston and a mystery man
Source: Instagram/@annamjohnston
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One follower commented, "He’s so handsome! You make a beautiful couple!"

Another person wrote, "I'm so happy for you Anna, your smile says it all."

The most recent Instagram photo featuring the same young man was shared on Aug. 21, 2022. "Thank you for everything this weekend :) 💛," Anna captioned the post of her presumed boyfriend posing in a car.

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Considering Anna hasn't posted photos of him in several months, they might have been just friends (or perhaps their romance was brief and casual). Either way, Anna hasn't shared any other photos of herself with guys via Instagram.

Anna previously mentioned she was seeing a man named Kyle.

During a Season 11 episode of 7 Little Johnstons, Anna accidentally spilled the beans about having a boyfriend to her parents. She was telling them about a Christmas party she was planning and was sharing the guest list — which included a guy named Kyle. Later on, Amber and Trent inquired about a guy she had posted a (since deleted) photo with on social media, and she said it was Kyle.

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Anna Johnston
Source: Instagram/@anna.mariej

That's when Trent posed the question that viewers at home were probably all wondering: Is he just a friend or more than a friend?

"I mean, like, we're still getting to know each other," Anna said. "But obviously he's more than a friend because he comes to my house after work."

When Trent asked if they were kissing, she hesitated before replying, "Duh."

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Although Anna didn't divulge too many details about Kyle, she did say they had met about two months prior — and that he was an average-sized person.

"We met through friends of a friend at a restaurant," she explained. "And then he's still going to school to get his bachelor's. He's actually a smart man."

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Amber and Trent eventually requested to see a better photo of Kyle, but Anna didn't really have any on her phone — other than one of them on her bed together. Let's just say the looks on Amber's and Trent's faces when they heard the bed part were priceless.

'7 Little Johnstons' fans were not impressed with how Amber and Trent treated Anna about her dating habits.

Considering Anna is an adult, supports herself with a job, and lives on her own — all while attending college — she's more than capable of managing her own dating life. Some viewers were annoyed by how obviously her parents disapproved of the Kyle situation.

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One Reddit user was pretty disgusted by what they called the "interrogation." They wrote: "How cringe for Anna to have to discuss Kyle this way! Amber looks disgusted and Trent is his usual disgusting self. I wouldn’t tell either of them a dang thing. They are just waiting to pounce on anything she says…"

Amber and Trent Johnston
Source: TLC
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Another person was quite amused by the awkward interaction. "Amber's face when Anna mentioned the picture was of them in bed!!! It was almost like a cartoon where smoke starts coming out of someone's ears," they commented. "I agree, how embarrassing for her to have to keep reiterating that they weren't a couple and getting to know each other. That's what people her age do. Trying to control what 'kids' do at that age doesn't usually go well."

Hopefully, Trent and Amber come around to trusting Anna and the guys she decides to spend time with.

In the meantime, we'll be on the lookout for any further social media posts featuring potential boyfriends!

Catch new episodes of 7 Little Johnstons Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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