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Here's What You Need to Know About the Ending to 'Another Life'



*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Netflix definitely got us hooked on Another Life when they showed us a clip of Selma Blair in the trailer, but we'll admit the series itself was quite convoluted, and understand if the many twists and turns might have left viewers confused.

But don't worry, we got you. Keep reading while we attempt to unpack the ending, and sum up everything you need to know ahead of a possible Season 2.

Source: James Dittiger/Netflix

Want the Another Life ending explained? Here's what went down.

Another Life is an intergalactic show that follows astronaut Niko Brechinridge (Katee Sackhoff) leading the crew of the spaceship Salvare on a terrifying mission following the landing of an alien spacecraft on Earth.

They're out to find Pi Canis Majoris, and the mission is supposed to take six months. During this time, Niko leaves her husband and kid behind, because she's doing such important work that the literal earth depends on.

But taking control of Salvare isn't a walk in the park, because she has to take over command from Ian Yerxa, an astronaut that she herself once trained — and ends up killing him to do so.

Niko, by the way, is totally fierce, and not just because of how she claims her throne. She's been all over the Solar System, to Jupiter and even beyond. And because this show takes place hundreds of years from now, we get to see spaceships travel at the speed of light, which is also pretty cool.

Anyway, the whole point of Salvare's mission is to identify the strange object that landed on the earth. Slowly, we learn that it was sent by a team of aliens: the Achaia. Niko and her team are suspicious of the Achaia and what they want from humankind, while others (like her husband Erik) are more keen on befriending these aliens. 

Source: James Dittiger/Netflix

They're super advanced and their technology is pretty impressive to earthlings, even hundreds of years in the future, when the series is set. For example, they can shape-shift and take on anyone's body. Erik sees the UFO they've sent as some sort of puzzle that needs to be solved so that humans and the Achaia can coexist.

But Niko knows that the aliens don't come in peace or have good intentions, and notices that they've launched similar UFOs on other planets as well. And Erik comes to a similar realization on planet Earth when he realizes that the Artifact emits leukemia. But what we still don't know is what the Achaia want, even after the season's end.

Salvare find a new planet, which is Earth-like and orbiting Pi Canis Majoris: Zakir. There, they find another Artifact and the remains of the planet's inhabitants. They quickly realize that Zakir isn't the Achaia's home planet, but rather another planet they invaded before arriving on Earth.

The group suddenly comes to fear that Earth will be destroyed, like Zakir. Niko even asks an AI that's supposed to speak for the Achaia what the aliens want, and it says that they're only interested in destruction. That said, it's unclear whether the AI is actually connected to the Achaia, or what its nature is at all.

Source: James Dittiger/Netflix

Niko and her group decide to go back to Zakir and try to save and revive what's left of it, but the Achaia quickly catch on to the plan and blow the planet up instead. As Niko and Salvare prepare to head back to Earth, they're terrified to learn how much danger Earth is in if the Achaia are capable of such an extent of destruction.

Will they be able to save the planet before the Achaia decide to destroy it? We can only hope that Another Life will return for Season 2 so we can find out.

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