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Source: Instagram

Here's What You Need to Know About Netflix's 'Another Life' Star JayR Tinaco


Netflix’s new sci-fi series, Another Life, launched on the streaming service today. The intergalactic show follows astronaut Niko Breckinridge and her crew as they travel to find out the origins of an alien spacecraft that landed on Earth. Navigating the treacherous abyss of space in a confined aircraft creates for a ton of drama, tension between crew members, and a lot of OMG-moments.  

Luckily, one member aboard the crew is Zayn, who goes by the pronouns ze and hir. As the ship’s psychologist and medic, Ze is crucial in helping Niko stop from succumbing to the pressures that come with leading a team on a dangerous mission through space. Playing the key role of Zayn on Another Life, here’s what to know about actor JayR Tinaco.