'Selling the OC' : Are Austin Victoria and His Wife Lisa Swingers? Let's Unpack the Evidence

Austin Victoria and his wife Lisa have been married since 2018. Do they have an open relationship?

Kelly Corbett - Author

May 3 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

Austin and lisa victoria
Source: Instagram / @austin_victoria

In Season 3 of Selling the OC, Sean Palmieri made some wild allegations about his co-star Austin Victoria and wife Lisa Victoria. These allegations were so outrageous that they resulted in a physical altercation outside of the Oppenheim Group office after Austin confronted Sean about them. But what did Sean say, and what actually happened? Are there any truth to these claims? Let's unpack all the details.

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Austin and lisa victoria
Source: Instagram / @austin_victoria

Sean said Austin and his wife wanted to have a three-way with him.

While out to dinner with Sean and their co-star Kayla Cardona, Ali Harper, who joined the Selling the OC cast in Season 2, asked Sean what happened between him and Austin as it appeared the two men had drifted apart.

"Austin and I were chill. But I do think he and his wife are a bit too flirty for my taste sometimes," he told Ali and Kayla. Sean claimed that Austin had made moves on him in the past and that Lisa would touch him and say things like, "You're my favorite in the office."

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In the same episode, Austin was out to dinner with wife Lisa, and they stumbled onto the topic of Sean. Austin said there was a wild story going around the office that alleged that they previously drugged Sean with marijuana cookies and tried to have a three-way with him.

Lisa laughed at the claims.

Austin Victoria and Sean Palmieri
Source: Instagram / @sean.palmieri
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The couple then rehashed the night in question. They said Sean came over to their house, they cooked him dinner, they played Oculus, and then he went home. Lisa also confirmed that she made cookies while he was there, but there wasn't any marijuana involved.

"We've never had a three-way, and it's not going to be with you, Sean," Lisa said, reacting to this hearsay. "He thinks he's going to be the first one?"

Austin eventually confronted Sean about this rumor, and the whole office watched. Sean denied he did anything wrong to Austin and claimed that Austin was the one who made a move on him, and told him all these things that he and Lisa were into. Sean also said that Austin once said to him: "If I wasn't married, the things I would do," seemingly nodding to sex. On another occasion, Sean said Austin complimented his legs.

Austin was outraged by what Sean way saying and ended up pushing him. Other agents from the office stepped in to break up the fight.

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Do Austin Victoria and his wife Lisa have an open marriage?

During Season 3, Austin and Lisa firmly denied the accusations that they hit on Sean and wanted to have a three-way with him. However, they left the door open regarding their interest in experimenting in their relationship.

When Austin confronted Sean, he told him that he wasn't attracted to him and said, "You're the last person I'd ever hit on." Austin's comment suggested that while Sean might not be their type, they might be open to flirting with a third if someone caught their eye.

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Furthermore, Sean claimed that co-star Tyler Stanaland had once told him that he got "swinger vibes" from Austin and Lisa. However, it's unclear if Sean was telling the truth.

Later in the season, Sean retold the story of how Austin and Lisa tried to have a three-way with him, but he seemed confused when Kayla mentioned the edibles. Sean had no recollection of the alleged marijuana cookies, which seemed like an important detail in the story if this was an event that actually happened.

Austin Victoria and wife Lisa Victoria
Source: Netflix
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Basically, Sean does not have the best credibility at the moment, but could he have really fabricated this insane claim out of thin air, or did he witness something between Austin and his wife that put him on this? The truth will come out eventually. But at the end of the day, does it really matter what Austin and Lisa do or don't do in their relationship as long as they are happy? It doesn't.

The couple, which began dating in 2010, have been married since 2018 and are parents to three adorable children. Their twin girls, Hazel and Lila, were born in October 2019, and their son, Aeson Quade, was born in April 2024.

Selling the OC Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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