Blake Gray and Amelie Zilber Finally Confirmed Their Relationship

TikTok influencers, Blake Gray and Amelie Zilber, are rumored to be dating. So are these two an actual couple? They finally confirmed their status.

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Dec. 11 2020, Updated 3:28 p.m. ET

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With so many different houses and social groups going around in the inner circles of TikTok, it's no wonder that many of these popular social media influencers are finding themselves among dating rumors. 

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Two of the most popular influencers on TikTok — Blake Gray and Amelie Zilber — have found themselves at the forefront of suspicions that they're a couple. So are they dating? 

The pair finally confirmed their relationship status. Keep reading to find out what they said.

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Blake Gray and Amelie Zilber first sparked dating rumors after a TikTok went viral in the summer of 2020.

In July of 2020, a now-deleted TikTok went viral that showed a large house party, most likely at the Sway House, where it appears that Blake and Amelie are snuggled up while watching some friends play beer pong. 

The video was then uploaded to YouTube and titled, “Blake Gray and Amelie Zilber Are Dating.” It has since been viewed more than 24,000 times. 

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Though the "evidence" was compelling, Amelie later set the record straight. 

While out with friends, Amelie Zilber was asked by Celebrity Livin to speak to the rumors about if she was in a relationship with Blake. After some thought and contemplation, (most likely about how to answer without giving anything away they may want to keep private) she giggled coyly and responded, "Blake and I are just friends...just hanging out...getting to know each other."

The paparazzi then ask her about how a guy should go about asking a girl out, possibly hinting toward moving her relationship forward with Blake. She noted that it was a good question and responded, "I think it should be sentimental. You know, if you've been getting to know them for a long time it should be something that should be special between the both of you."

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A few days after Amelie was asked about her relationship status with Blake Gray, they were seen out together in L.A. In video obtained by Celebrity Livin, it shows Blake exiting Amelie’s car. The paparazzi ask Blake about how he’s doing to which he responds, “I’m doing good. I’m going out on a little date.” He then gestures to Amelie, who is handing her keys to a valet. 

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After they finished dinner, Amelie came out once again to speak to the paparazzi while Blake looked on. Commenters on the video noted the way that Blake looked at Amelie while she was speaking was a sign that the two are definitely together. One user commented, “The way he looks at Amelie the man is in love." 

Another fan noted how cute the couple looks together and said, "I love them individually and together so much and I can't even explain why They just give off such a position vibe."

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Are Blake Gray and Amelie Zilber dating?

After fueling romance speculation for months, Blake and Amelie confirmed that they are an official couple in a vlog. In "We have something to tell you," which was posted on Amelie's channel on Dec. 10, the duo shared that they were celebrating their three-month anniversary.

"Today we are doing a little photoshoot because we are announcing that we've been dating for three months," Amelie said in the opening of the vlog.

The two then poked fun at the fact that they've not been subtle about hiding their relationship.

"Honestly, like comment down below if it was obvious or not," Blake added.

"It was definitely obvious," Amelie said. 

When the confirmed couple was done doing their photoshoot, they sat down and discussed some of the details of their relationship.

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Some assumed that the two were just toying with their fans when the aforementioned videos came out. But based on what they had to say in their YouTube video, Amelie and Blake didn't begin to officially date until September of 2020. 

They explained that they were open about the fact that they were talking, but that they wanted to keep the early months of their relationship to themselves.

They were already an item when they vlogged about Blake's first meeting with Amelie's mom. Amelie has also traveled to Texas already to meet Blake's family.

"We're both really happy," Blake said. "I love this girl."

"I love you too," Amelie responded.

Now that the cat is out of the bag (officially), Blake and Amelie have cemented themselves as one of TikTok's hottest couples.

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