Kenneth and Brittany From 'Love is Blind' Say They Talk To Each Other Every Day

Kenneth and Brittany are the sweetest duo of the season, and the very idea of them parting ways is enough to send tissues flying!

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Mar. 13 2024, Updated 10:20 p.m. ET

Kenneth and Brittany from Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind.'
Source: Netflix

Grab your favorite snacks and cozy up with your snuggliest blanket because Love Is Blind is back for another round of romantic chaos! The sixth season of Netflix's hit reality series is hitting the bustling streets of Charlotte, N.C., with 30 fabulous singles ready to dive headfirst into the social experiment.

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After building a deep connection in the pods, Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills realize they're head over heels for each other. And so, after discovering a lovely alignment in their values, Kenneth takes the plunge and drops to one knee, and Brittany happily accepts his proposal!

Now, the big question that's probably dancing in your head: Are they still together, or will Kenneth and Brittany leave everyone in shock with a surprise breakup? Dive in to unravel the juicy details.

Brittany and Kenneth hold hands during Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind.'
Source: Netflix
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So, are Kenneth and Brittany from 'Love Is Blind' still together?

If you were rooting for Kenneth and Brittany to make it down the aisle, we regret to inform you the couple did not tie the knot on the show. In an interview with People, Kenneth revealed there was "no way that we could say yes to each other in a week's time." Marriage records from North Carolina obtained by Distractify also reveal that Kenneth and Brittany are not among the couples who filed for a marriage license this season.

Though Kenneth and Brittany still follow each other, their Instagram interactions have been nonexistent for several months. Meanwhile, other couples like Jimmy and Chelsea shower each other with digital love and exchange likes with fervor, leading some to believe that Kenneth and Brittany are over for good.

But despite the concerns, it seems the couple is still close — or, at least, they're still very much on speaking terms.

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Brittany and Kenneth posted a TikTok together on March 11, days before the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion is set to air. In the video, Brittany shows herself zipping her lips and miming throwing away the key, with the text overlay "Don't tell anyone." Behind her, Kenneth walks out and catches the imaginary key.

"Stay 10 toes down for the reunion this Wednesday 3/13 to see where we're at," she captioned the post.

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Though this doesn't necessarily confirm that the pair are together, it proves that at the very least they're on cordial terms — and having fun teasing everyone about their potential relationship status. Though they didn't get married, there's definitely more to their story.

'Love Is Blind' Season 6 couples in the Dominican Republic.
Source: Netflix
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Kenneth and Brittany previously spoke about breaking up.

Before this new teaser dropped, Kenneth explained to People that while the two had a “phenomenal connection,” he thought to himself, ‘it's the time we need to just walk away from each other at this moment.’ The middle school principal also attributes the break up to his habit of “[processing] things internally.”

With time certainly not on their side, Kenneth admitted to People that he sensed the split was coming earlier on.

Brittany also opened up about the break up, telling People they “were drifting apart” after returning from the Dominican Republic. "It may seem a bit sudden to the eye, but I think for him and I, coming back after the Dominican and being in a home and trying to get back to normal reality of how our day-to-day life is, we did seem like we were drifting apart just a bit," she explained.

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In an effort to clear the air regarding Kenneth’s cell phone usage, Brittany told People that it had nothing to do with them ending their relationship. According to the post on Twitter (X), however, it seems some are still not convinced of this.

When they later appeared on the Love Is Blind reunion, they put up a united front. Brittany said that they talk to each other daily and they have a bond "that is gonna last for eternity."

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Kenneth was married once before his 'Love Is Blind' engagement.

Season 6 has Jessica admitting to having a child back home and Chelsea open about her previous marriage. What we don't see, however, is Kenneth sharing the details of his first marriage with now-ex-fiancé Brittany. But according to the marriage records in North Carolina, Kenneth was indeed married in 2018.

It's clear there's more to the story that we don't know quite yet, but there are still plenty of adorable Love Is Blind contestants who are still riding high on cloud nine.

Season 6 of Love is Blind is now streaming on Netflix.

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