'Love Is Blind' Contestant Clay Gravesande Prioritizes His Career Over His Engagement (SPOILERS)

Clay Gravesande seems to have his sights set more on conquering the business world than sealing the deal with his fiancée, Amber Desiree "AD" Smith.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Feb. 22 2024, Published 10:48 a.m. ET

Clay Gravesande from Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the first nine episodes of Season 6 of Love Is Blind.

After basking in pure bliss for a hot minute, the couples from Season 6 of Love Is Blind find themselves back home in Charlotte, N.C., facing the reality of living together. While some, like the beloved Amy and Johnny, couples effortlessly keep the flame alive, others encounter substantial hurdles.

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Let's talk about AD and Clay; deeply in love, they soon realize that the differences in their careers are causing a strain on their relationship. We know AD works as a real estate broker and nightclub manager, but what about Clay?

Although he mentions entrepreneurship, the specifics remain unclear. So, what does Clay do for a living, and why is his job creating obstacles in spending time with AD? Keep reading to find out!

Clay Gravesande and Amber Desiree "AD" Smith from Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind'
Source: Netflix
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What does 'Love Is Blind' star Clay Gravesande do for a living?

In the Netflix reality series, Clay says he works as an enterprise salesman and entrepreneur. That's just scratching the surface of his career, but this smooth operator lets it slip that his side gig consists of renting out properties.

Now, if you're hunting for the full scoop on what he does for a living, don't bother with LinkedIn; Clay hasn't updated his profile in nearly a decade. Instead, let's embark on an Insta-investigation! In his bio, his Linktree spills the tea: He's the owner of WaveSandy Water Rentals, a hotspot for jet ski and boat fun in Charlotte, N.C.

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The company's official website reads, "Being a black-owned business for jet skis can provide opportunities for growth, community support, while also supporting diversity and inclusion in the boating industry. As a Black-owned business, it is important to offer quality products and services, and to develop a strong reputation within the community."

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And that's not all — Clay's Linktree reveals he also runs an Airbnb rental in Charlotte, N.C., adding some extra cash to his pockets with a $120 per night rate. Nestled in the heart of the city's Uptown area, this dual-level, one-bedroom loft is a stone's throw away from buzzing bars and top-notch restaurants. According to Clay's property description, it's the perfect spot "to enjoy the best that Charlotte has to offer."

AD reveals that Clay prioritized work over their engagement.

In the latter half of February 2024, AD and Clay sat down with Elite Daily, delving into why their careers became such a colossal issue in their relationship. AD revealed that Clay's laser focus on work rather than their engagement posed a major roadblock in developing their connection.

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"It was hard to really form that deep of a connection post-pods because he just worked," she lamented. "Work came first, and that was something that I had to adjust to... He was very strict in his schedule."

Clay Gravesande and Amber Desiree "AD" Smith chat over lunch in Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind'
Source: Netflix
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On the other hand, Clay scratched his head at AD's total work freedom during the whole experience. He disclosed that he "couldn't understand how she just didn't work at all during this whole process." However, looking back, the 31-year-old business owner now understands why his fiancée hit the career snooze button on her career.

"She really wanted to give the social experiment her 100 [percent]. And whereas for me, I was a little bit hesitant with it," Clay admitted. "So we're coming from two different avenues. She was already going miles ahead, and I was trying to catch up to her."

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Clay Gravesande and Amber Desiree "AD" Smith relax at home in Season 6 of 'Love Is Blind'
Source: Netflix

To tackle this hurdle, AD got crafty, finding sneaky ways to snag time with Clay during his busy workdays: "I was able to make time," AD said. "There were times where he's like, 'Hey, I'm going here. Do you want to come?' I would just tag along. Eventually, we found our rhythm."

Season 6 of Love is Blind is now streaming on Netflix.

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