‘Siesta Key: Miami Moves’ Is Full of Surprises — Are Sam and Jordana Finally Dating?

Haylee Thorson - Author

Oct. 27 2022, Published 9:17 p.m. ET

The Sarasota crew heads south as the fiery MTV reality series Siesta Key returns with a twist for its fifth season. Titled Siesta Key: Miami Moves, the season takes place in (you guessed it!) Miami, Fla.

Featuring booze, betrayal, bad behavior, and more tears than you can count, the newest installment of the sun-drenched series is bound to bring the drama.

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In the Season 5 trailer, the tension between long-time friends and roommates Sam Logan and Jordana Barnes is palpable. After repeatedly denying dating allegations in the past, the reality stars continue to insist their relationship is strictly platonic. However, viewers are wondering if this is still the case after their steamy makeout session shown in the trailer. Here's what you should know about Sam and Jordana’s complex relationship.

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Sam and Jordana became friends through Sam’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Russell.

Before dating Siesta Key star Juliette Porter, Sam dated Brittany Russell for 10 years. According to Juliette, Jordana and Brittany used to be best friends. However, after Brittany and Sam broke up, Jordana hooked up with Sam. Based on Jordana’s flirtatious behavior toward Sam on the show, fans, cast members, and friends all believe that she’s always had feelings for him.

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Juliette believes that Jordana has always had feelings for Sam.

In one of the show's past episodes, Jordana drunkenly confesses her attraction to Sam in front of Sam and Juliette’s friend. “Sam’s great, I love Sam,” Jordana admitted. “I would love to make out with Sam, but Juliette…”

Juliette’s friend then proceeded to tell Juliette and the rest of the crew about Jordana’s confession. When Juliette confronted Sam about the situation, he refused to tell her if what Jordana said was true or not and walked off.

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Jordana didn’t want Sam to date Meghan Bischoff.

After Juliette and Sam broke up, Sam began cozying up with model and influencer Meghan Bischoff. When Jordana asked about his newfound relationship, Sam said he enjoyed Meghan's company and that she was helping him get through his breakup with Juliette.

“I’m glad that Meghan’s there for you,” Jordana responded. “You’re not gonna date her though.”

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Are Sam and Jordana dating now?

Over the course of their chaotic friendship, Sam and Jordana have hooked up, made out, and now live together. However, the two do not appear to be dating. In the Season 5 trailer for Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Jordana tearfully exclaims, "I did not ask for these feelings," to which Sam says, "I honestly can’t say how much you mean to me."

Not only that, but Meghan tells Sam that Jordana needs to leave if he wants her to stay. In the past, Sam would often make excuses for Jordana’s actions. However, it seems that Meghan has a no-tolerance policy for bad behavior. Will this be the end of Sam and Jordana’s friendship as we know it?

To find out, tune into Season 5 of Siesta Key: Miami Moves on Thursdays on MTV.

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