Are the Dolan Twins Dairy-Free Because They're Lactose Intolerant?

Katie Garrity - Author

Feb. 9 2021, Updated 3:29 p.m. ET

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The Dolan Twins, Grayson and Ethan, are two of the hottest content creators on YouTube. They have made careers off their personalities starting with the now-extinct Vine in 2013 and then launched into stardom on YouTube. Things really took off when the YouTube network, AwesomenessTV, signed the brothers to their team. 

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Along with their quirky challenge videos and collaborations with other YouTube celebs, they also share a lot of their personal lives day-to-day. Many fans have noticed that Ethan Dolan mentions, quite a bit, that he does not mess around with dairy, but why? Are the Dolan twins lactose intolerant or just Ethan?

The Dolan Twins have a pretty impressive following of rather dedicated fans.

The Dolan Twins boast a wildly impressive 10.1 million subscribers on their personal YouTube channel. Their most popular videos include Grayson and their friend Harrison duct-taping Ethan to a door and Grayson getting his wisdom teeth pulled, which has accumulated more than 2 million views in a month. 

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Source: Getty Images

They share their lives on the channel, including their “first times,” fan Q&A’s and their most intimate secrets. The brothers try to be as genuine and real as they can, which makes sense as to why they have such a loyal fanbase. 

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Ethan Dolan is pretty outspoken about his dairy-free lifestyle, but neither twin is lactose intolerant.

Unlike his brother, Grayson, Ethan Dolan does not eat dairy. This basically means cutting out all milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, butter, and any other dairy from your diet. Some say that cutting dairy products out of your diet can have an enormous impact on your health. Issues like nasal congestion, digestive problems, acne, or chronic ear infections may vanish within a few weeks. For Ethan, he was looking to improve his skin. 

While some may think his new diet is because he is lactose intolerant, it is actually a personal choice. He made a beautifully-worded tweet about his diet change and said, “I don’t f**k with that dairy.” 

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From a string of tweets on Ethan’s feed, it seems like he stopped eating dairy to help with his skin issues. In another tweet, Ethan explained, “being honest, my skin got pretty bad for a little while and def made me insecure. If ur having problems with your skin 1. It’s not nearly as bad as you think 2. cutting dairy completely out of my diet has been the only thing that really worked & it makes u feel better all around.”

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His brother, Grayson, is over his brother’s obsession.

It’s a running joke about how much Ethan talks about his dairy-free lifestyle. Basically, Ethan never stops talking about it, and it drives his brother nuts. A fan account even put together a compilation on YouTube of all the times that Ethan has talked about being dairy-free. 

It also seems like his brother is purposefully eating more dairy just to drive Ethan insane. He complained in a tweet, “Ever since I went dairy free, Graysons been having ice cream like every night. This is some sort of torture” It sounds like Grayson, or fans of The Dolan Twins, are not going to hear the end of Ethan's journey of a dairy-free lifestyle for quite some time.

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