Arisce and Mike's Relationship Might Be Short-Lived on 'Ex on the Beach'

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Apr. 7 2022, Published 9:00 p.m. ET

Arisce and Mike from 'Ex on the Beach'
Source: MTV

Arisce and Mike from 'Ex on the Beach.'

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for the April 7, 2022 episode of Ex on the Beach.

Season 5 of Ex on the Beach lasted a whole two episodes before things started to go south for Arisce Wanzer and her ex, Mike Mulderrig. But are Arisce and Mike together now, after Ex on the Beach finished filming? It's normal for couples to go through a lot on the show, only to come out on the other side stronger than ever. Is that the case for Mike and Arisce?

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Before Ex on the Beach, Arisce starred in the reality show Strut and Mike was in Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. The pair dated for a while, but they broke up well before they were both cast in Ex on the Beach. Now, they've been reunited and they have a lot to deal with in their renewed relationship as Mike tries to explore other options at the same time.

Arisce and Mike from 'Ex on the Beach'
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Arisce and Mike from 'Ex on the Beach.'

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Are Arisce and Mike together now after 'Ex on the Beach'?

Right now, it certainly looks like Arisce and Mike are together. Or, at the very least, they're still quite close after everything they went through during filming. Arisce recently shared photos on Instagram from the 2022 Glaad Awards and she had Mike by her side.

Before that, she shared a video on Instagram with herself and Mike promoting Ex on the Beach. But they were together IRL in the video, which is pretty telling. They also attended the March 2022 Queerties Awards together.

If nothing else, though, maybe Arisce and Mike are just friends now. It may be the best outcome for them after a stressful season wherein Mike is tempted by fellow cast member David Barta and wants to go back on his exclusivity with Arisce by Episode 2.

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In the second episode, after Arisce tells Mike she loves him, he starts spiraling. He isn't ready to be exclusive just yet and he even tells David that he's bored with Arisce. This can only go bad from here.

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Arisce, Mike, and David might find themselves in a love triangle.

In the April 7, 2022 episode, during a game that combines Suck and Blow and Truth or Dare with the other cast members, Arisce, Mike, and David are dared to have a three-way kiss. Not to be outdone by anyone else who might get the attention put on them, the three have their kiss. Afterward, it's hard not to see how much more smitten David is with Mike.

Could the three of them have a love triangle this season? All of the little moments between Arisce and Mike and David and Mike seem to be leading us there. David told In Touch Weekly that he actually had a thing for Mike "for years" prior to seeing him on Ex on the Beach and they have something of a history.

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"Mike and I had kissed each other at his birthday β€” in front of Arisce before," David revealed. "So, you could imagine how I'm feeling when Mike walks in and I go, 'Oh, hi, Mike's here for me,' and then he sits down next to Arisce and I go, 'Well, I didn't know you two were dating.'"

Even if Arisce has no intention of being in a love triangle, that's just what might happen this season. But if she and Mike are together now, after Ex on the Beach, then it means she gets the outcome she wants in the end.

Watch Ex on the Beach on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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