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Source: instagram

Ashton Has Definitely Moved on From His Season 6 Relationship With Laura on 'Below Deck'


Season 7 of Below Deck takes place in Thailand, and it's more stunning than ever before. And that's when we compare it to last season's Tahiti, which had the most spectacular views and secluded waterfall picnics we'd ever seen before.

You'll be sure to recognize some familiar faces this season in Thailand, however. 

Captain Lee is back, as usual, which is a relief following the tragic passing of his son, and he's accompanied by HBIC and first stew Kate, possibly our favorite member of the crew.

Lastly, South African Ashton Pienaar also returns to our screens — but in a promoted role! Instead of continuing on the deckhand track, Captain Lee thinks he's ready to manage the exterior team as the bosun.